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  • Rivenditore ufficiale Ozone Kite, Cabrinha, Kazuma, NP, Groove, Nobile

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    The FUGU model is a scaled up copy of my FUGU fish shortboard and is designed for ultra high performance small wave riding. The Fugu is designed to be ridden 10″ shorter than your normal SUP board. To make up for the loss in volume I usually go 1/2″ + thicker. The shorter rockerline and lighter swing weight really increase the responsiveness and fits so well into tight faced waves. I have it setup for the 5 fin option but usually ride it as a tri fi because I love the carve of a thruster finned board. When setup as a quad, the Fugu transforms into a ultra tight turning speed demon that surfs amazing off the tail. Most riders love the increased nose rocker in the shorter package because it doesn’t stick or pearl like most longer, flatter sup boards do.
    Medium to low volume, pure surfing performance in a very short and well balanced package.
    Best beach break board on the market.

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