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Tavola Surf AXIS WOOD WAVE 5’10”


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Descrizione prodotto

The 2015 AXIS Pure Wave is our dedicated surfboard shape for wave riding. We all love the idea of kitesurfing our surfboards, but as we all know, surfboards do not last long. So at AXIS we created a strong durable wave board that has the flex and feel of our favorite surfboards, and gave them to the surf team to destroy. Through thorough testing we achieved a sweet balance of weight, durability and performance.

The Pure Wave boards come with the rear EVA footpad already mounted with the option for you to mount the pre-drilled front pad or wax if you like the direct feel of a surfboard. The Pure Wave has a surfboard leash plug and can also be ridden with straps. It is suited for waves up to head height with good down the line speed and tight turns in the pocket.

5’10” x 19 ¾“ – 27.1 litres – 5 fin box setup


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